Punter TV – Fast Food for the Soul

“Punter TV” is Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor, and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Like fast food for the soul, I am overwhelmed by a temporary feel good factor, which will soon disappear and leave me feeling sick and full of self loathing.

As I tighten the belt around my arm, slap my vein and get further jacked up on Ant & Dec, MSG (from my takeaway), and my second bottle of Rioja, the worry that I might be damaging the spark in my synapses fades into a hazy blur.

I shouldn’t feel guilty about deleting parts of my massive brain. I wallow in the comfort that six million (current viewing figures) other people are also destroying their brains, and the other 54 million are probably out binge drinking. I promise myself that next week I will read a book instead.


One Response to Punter TV – Fast Food for the Soul

  1. FlipC says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about deleting parts of your brain. Recognising that much of the show is identical to the previously remembered one it’ll just overwrite that memory, only keeping the bits where you know that bloke said something funny to that bird.

    Thus vast stores of your memory have been saved to be filled by such edifying content as “All New House of Tiny Tearaways” and “Diet Doctors: Inside & Out” or I suppose a book if you’re a bit of a freak.

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