My Tradesmen, Jokers in Disguise

Step 1) Install new 50 Watt kitchen spotlight bulbs, old ones to dim
Step 2) Realise current fixtures can only cope with 20 Watt bulbs
Step 3) Darkness, hair burnt
Step 4) Electrician quotes for new spotlight fixtures to cope with 50 Watt
Step 5) Pocket £600 lighter, burnt again.

Me: “So what actually are you doing”
Sparky: “I’ll use these units with a transformer”
Me: “A transformer, where does that go?”
Sparky: “Don’t worry, its hidden, you won’t be able to see it”
Me: ” So it’s a transformer in disguise?”
Sparky “Yes”

Hmmm, I might have possibly have been taken for an expensive ride, but at least I have Megatron hidden in my ceiling.


2 Responses to My Tradesmen, Jokers in Disguise

  1. I reckon your new lights will be taken out in collateral damage once Optimus Prime gets wind of the Decepticon in your ceiling. And most of your walls – he’s a big bastard, Optimus.

  2. The Inkless Thinker says:

    There is some noise going on up there. I just hope their raging war does not disturb my TV, ahem, book reading, this evening.

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