Dab a Granny

People have some weird fetishes.  Fetishes by nature are weird. I’m not sure how I would feel if I discovered I had one, and if I did, I don’t think I would want to tell people about it here.

I did discover today though that I absofuckinglutely DO NOT have a ‘watching old women on the toilet fetish’. Having just bought some petrol at the services, I headed towards the gents, which was out of order. I gave the disabled / women’s toilet a good push. I think you know what is coming next (that would be you if you are very very odd).

There was Granny, trousers round her ankles, little skinny white legs, crouched on the throne with a wad of tissue in her hand “dabbing” her Granny privates.

I am scarred. Possibly for life.

If you are twisted and have arrived at my site because you have googled ‘toilet fetish’ then Twenty Majors readers (link to the right) have been making some interesting comments about a video called “Two Girls, One Cup”.

I’m off to try and erase this memory forever.


3 Responses to Dab a Granny

  1. Mr Angry says:

    Which petrol station? Just so I can make sure I avoid it, like…

  2. There’s always room for a good ‘coming’ pun.

  3. The Inkless Thinker says:

    Angry – I can get you the details, I told them you would be popping in.
    JPT – Yes, and so easy to slide in…. I think my time was in the carry on films.

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