Orca the Red Canoe

I am a Bachelor of Science, which means that while bluffing my way through University, I also learned to speak on important matters such as Time Travel.

We all know that time travel is impossible unless you own a flux capacitor, can bend space & time, find a wormhole, or have a red letter day planned on the Starship Enterprise. FACT. Until yesterday that is, we now have to add Orca the Red Canoe to the list, chosen vessel of missing canoeist (now found) John Darwin. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7124119.stm.

I deduced this amazing fact as last night on the news I saw John ‘Time Traveller’ Darwin in a Global Hypercolor T-Shirt, not seen anywhere since 1987. Lost his memory my arse, he has been whizzing about watching dinosaurs, seeing Gordon Brown being thrown out of number 10, and shopping for bad T-shirts.


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